Tips to keep your brain healthy

Our brains, like every other aspect of our body, eventually age and begin to break down – but they do so much faster when we refuse to take advantage of tips and tricks that help us keep our brains much healthier.

Thankfully though, like taking advantage of the inside information in this quick guide, you will be able to improve your overall brain health significantly. Use these details in this short guide to arm your brain against aging and boost your cognitive abilities across the board.

Stimulate your mind on a daily basis

While our brain isn’t exactly a muscle in the traditional sense of the word, you do want to “exercise” it by challenging it on a daily basis, by stretching its capacity, and by challenging yourself mentally and forcing your neural network to fire as much as possible.

Be sure you read something – fiction, nonfiction, news, whatever – on a daily basis that pushes your mind. We’re not just talking about tweets and social media here, but something that really causes you to stop and think. The stimulation will keep your brain elastic and young.

Stimulate your body on a daily basis

Our brains are (obviously) very connected to the rest of our body, and when your body is in anything but great condition your brain has to work double-overtime just to keep everything running right.

By taking better care of your body you are taking better care of your brain, especially since physical exercise is going to force more oxygen into your body and improve your circulation – two big boosters to your brain.

Improve the food you eat on a daily basis

The food you eat on a regular basis is going to have a huge impact on your ability to think clearly, to remember, and to process new information. Take advantage of high-quality sources of food while eliminating as much processed sugar as possible and you’ll find that any “fog” you may have been dealing with before lists from your mind completely. Supplements known as Nootropics also work to stimulate the central nervous system.

Get more sleep each night

Sleep is when we repair our body, and if you aren’t getting enough sleep to repair all of the daily damage, wear and tear, and abuse that your body and your brain takes you aren’t ever going to be able to achieve the kind of health you are hoping for in the first place.

Try and shoot for at least eight hours of sleep each night, and do everything you can to make sure that the sleep you do get is high-quality, restful, and relaxing.

How to Learn English Grammar

How to Learn English Grammar

If you want to learn English grammar effectively, it is not difficult. With a little determination and hard work, it is quite possible for someone with even a rudimentary knowledge of basic grammar to pick up how sentences are properly structured in English.

Below is a simple diagram that outlines when one would use ‘for’, ‘to’, or ‘so that’, when indicating a given purpose of an activity. This diagramming method is just one method that helps students to learn basic English grammar in a relatively short time.

How to Learn English Grammar

In order to practice this method, try searching grammar exercises from sources like non-fiction books, national newspapers and reputable websites to practice. English learning programs on the internet can also help you master English grammar quickly.

Another idea is to use video and online programs so that you can focus on the subject matter that you will be interacting with most commonly. For instance, if you are an engineer, and wish to have a better command of English, it would make more sense to focus on English sources about engineering rather than something like health.

Many people believe that learning grammar is very dry, full of rules that are difficult to remember easy to forget. Perhaps it isn’t the most exciting thing to study, but even elementary age children have a good command of the language after only five years of exposure.

Focus first on your weaknesses. Do you need review pronouns in English? Are idioms hard for you to understand? Select one or two points of grammar to learn about, and then labor over this point. You will remember more if you only study one or two applications of grammar and sentence structure at a time.

Finally, it is important to practice what you just learned.

Practice the dialogue you hear, and then practice them aloud with a fluent English speaker. listening to what is being said will help you remember it better than you learn it in a book. Also, in everyday life , there are many situations for you to apply rules effectively in English grammar.

Good luck on your journey!

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